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Contact Us

If you wonder why we do not have an online sales system available, it’s simply because we want to know who you and what your interests are in order to give you personal service! So send us an email or drop a message through the form below. We promise you an answer in 24 hours!

No matter how you’re going to do it, the most important things to share with us are:

  • What is/are the exact date(s) of your visit?
  • How many people are you?
  • How and what time will you arrive (if by ship, please let us know the name) or where do you stay?
  • What time are you available?

With this information we will be able to make you happy suggestions based on the availability of our guides and tours, even if you don’t exactly know which tour(s) you’d be interested to book!

Our reservations work by email and we have always someone checking them until 9 pm Finnish time. You can email us at: 

For other inquiries (but no reservations!), you can also call us: +358445020066

Even now in 2017 sometimes it´s possible that a message via the contact form or an email doesn´t come true. Remember that we promise the answer to all your inquiries in 24 hours. If you clearly notice that you haven´t got a reply from us, please send a direct email again including the requested inquiry information above to: Please also, make sure you write your email address correctly in the contact form. Happy thank you 🙂 

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